Dubai Visit Visa

Dubai is fantastic place for traders, business community and travelers. Dubai is a business hub and mostly it deals in petroleum commodities, gold trading and jewelries. Dubai is financially settled Emirate of UAE and it accommodates millions of overseas workers from other parts of the world. Dubai also welcomes visitors from other countries which usually visit this Emirate for business activities and sometime to visit vast deserts. However, visit visa is a legal document, which is necessary to enter this Emirate even all emirates of UAE. Dubai visit visa policy varies from country to country or it is different for each country. The requirements for each applicant depends upon his/her nationality. The visitors from GCC countries do not demand visit visa to Dubai, while the nationals of thirty three countries can get their visit visa on arrival in Dubai. Similarly, family members of Dubai residents can sponsor their close relatives, but they must have salary not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000.

The resident of Dubai can also get visit visa through other sources like travel agencies, airlines or hotel managements. Dubai visit visa costs different in different categories just as four days transit visa costs AED 170 and it can be obtained from UAE airports. Similarly if it is for fourteen days, then it will costs AED 350. One month tourists visa fee is AED 1200 and it costs AED 1700 for three months visit visa. However, similar three months visit visa costs AED 2500 with multiple entry. All visit visas can be extending for a month without leaving the Emirate, it should be obtained prior to visa expiry. Dubai transit visa can be arranged by some international airlines, which is for 96 hours. Dubai visits visa are different and for different purposes like study or training, medical checkup, family visits, etc. However, it is necessary that visitor must visit Dubai embassy of his home country for latest information regarding visit visa.

Dubai visit visa is for those visitors who want to stay more than fourteen days whether, comes for family visit or business assignment. So Dubai visiting visa demands a local sponsor just like Dubai or United Arab Emirates resident, native company or registered hotel. It is necessary for the sponsor to prove his/her financial position that he/she can adjust visitor and can accommodate in this Emirate during stays. Dubai visits visa does not permit the visa holder to do job during his stay because job or work visa demands different requirement from the applicant.

Dubai Visit VisaDubai visit visa application procedure
Dubai sponsor or company representative needs to visit immigration department of the emirate and received residence visa. The next step is to fill in application form which must be typed. After, this typing center refers the applicant for submission of relevant documents. The visit visa can be obtained within two days or it can be received same day with double fee. The copy of visit visa or real then sent to applicant or visitor to native country. In case of passport copy then it should be deposited at the Dubai airport counter before the arrival of visitor.

Documents required for Dubai visit visa
Dubai visits visa demands some fundamentals documents from visitor or applicant to fulfill requirement of Dubai embassy.
1. Visits visa application form which should be typed.
2.  Copies of passports of both sponsor and applicant.
3. Color picture of applicant or visitor.
4. In case of spouse the marriage certificate must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Dubai embassy.
5. In case of kids visit visa, birth certificate must be attested.
6. Proof of relationship with sponsor or family member.
7. Attested copies of sponsor salary certificate and travel insurance certification.