Dubai job opportunities and careers in Dubai

Dubai job opportunities and careers in Dubai

There are various countries of the world who wants to hire skilled labor or experts in some profession from abroad. It is up to the professionals or skilled worker that where they want to go, but usually the trend in Middle East is only Dubai that pay their skilled workers more than other Arab countries. To do work in any foreign countries of the world require a work visa or work permit which allow the foreign workers to get a job in factories or other business units. Dubai is the best destination to starts a successful careers, but it demands something special from the other nationals. They must have some sort of skills, experience and qualification, which is required for this particular position or job.

Dubai work visaDubai have a lot of job opportunities for experienced person. Work visa is an authentic paper that permits the worker to perform his duties in Dubai. Dubai demands huge workers from the world to fulfill the need of its industries and other institutes. Dubai work visa or work permit visa is functional for one to three years at the day of release. However, this work permit can be renewed after maturity from Dubai. Dubai work visa or permit is arranged by the employer for employee and it requires some basic requirements for this Dubai works permit. Work visa Dubai require a valid works permit issued from the Dubai employer by the name of worker. Dubai work visa also a guarantee for residence in Dubai for three years.

Dubai work visa is compulsory for all worker who comes from other countries other than the United Arab Emirates citizen. Dubai work permit or visa is released after the acceptance and permission of Ministry of Labor. This permission from the Ministry of Labor should be before the arrival of employee in Dubai and this will be done by the employer in Dubai. Ministry of Labor permit the employer to hire a skilled person from abroad after confirming that there is no one available in Dubai which can fulfill the position. On confirmation this work visa the employer then file an application for labor card and other necessary documents.

The employee can work anywhere in free zones of United Arab Emirates. Labor card and ID card can be received within a month after arriving in Dubai. These both cards are functional for next two years. After doing this, the employee requires a medical clearance certificate from the authorized or nominated hospital or clinic from the Dubai higher authorities. The medical test contains these tests like TB test, Hepatitis test, HIV AIDS tests and blood tests. X-ray will be also taken from the employee to check some related disease. Dubai worker must clear these tests otherwise the work visa will be not sanction to employee. Dubai work visa can be extended after expiring the current visa.

Dubai work visa types.
All these following work visa for Dubai are sanctions for different duration and they have their own limits and rules. Dubai work visa rules requirements and procedures are different.
1. Dubai work visa in private sector.
2. Dubai work visa in public sector.
3. Dubai work visa for short duration.

Dubai work visa require documents.
1. A valid employee passport must have six months validity and contains at least two blank pages.
2. The employee who is applying for Dubai must be under 50 years.
3. Medical clearance certificate from the nominated hospital in Dubai.
4. A copy of Dubai visa signed by the higher authorities.
5. Applicant two recent color photographs.
6. Sponsor letter from the employer by employee name.
7. Attested copies of degrees, certificates and diplomas.
8. Police clearance certificate from home country.