Dubai ruby diamond necklace

Dubai is famous for gold and gold jewelery, but precious stones and gems are also very popular in Dubai. Customers from all over the world visit Dubai for jewelery, in this part of the world all types of jewelery products are available. The given Dubai ruby diamond necklace is very attractive and precious because it is decorated with diamonds and ruby. The pendant is made up by 18k white gold and chain is about eighteen inches while it is adjustable. Pendant consist of red ruby, which is an oval shaped and engulfed by twelve diamonds, ruby is deep in color and very prominent in the middle of pendant.

Dubai ruby diamond Ruby in the middle of pendant is an oval shaped while diamonds pieces are twelve in numbers and because of these white diamond the ruby is very clear and dominant. This ruby diamond necklace has white gold chain, which is suitable for this pendant, the chain is adjustable according to your demand. The diamond pieces are shining like stars in the sky and these diamond pieces increase the value of ruby. The ruby diamond necklace is most demanded in Dubai as well as in western countries.