Dubai gold rate price

Gold is a precious metal in the world and once it was used as a currency and now it is used in jewelry and electronics parts. The unique quality of this metal is that it got never rust in ordinary room temperature, in Latin language it is known as aurum and symbol is Au. The hardness of gold on Mohs scale is 2.5 and it is a soft metal as compare to others.

Gold is shiny yellow in color and because of its brightness it is used in jewelry and decoration purposes. The gold purity is checked with its karats, the pure gold is 22 or 24 karat, but the white gold has 14 or 18 karats gold. The composition of white gold is white gold plus nickel and white gold plus palladium. The mixing of copper in gold gives deep pink color.

Dubai gold rate chart  The main use of gold is as a gold ornaments while it is also being used in electronics accessories, used as gold bars and gold coins. Dubai is the world biggest market and millions of gold traders visit Dubai for gold sales and purchase. Dubai is famous all over the world for its quality gold and gold products, Dubai has world best and huge gold outlets, moreover the whole malls are belong to gold and its products. In Dubai gold markets are known as gold Souks.
Today Dubai gold rates

Dubai UAE Gold Rate (AED)
Jun 3, 2015

TYPE        Morning      Evening      Yesterday 
TT Bar     16490                          16490
24 Carat   144.00                         144.00 
22 Carat   136.50                         136.50 
21 Carat   131.00                         131.00 
18 Carat   113.25                         113.25

Source: Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group