Jebel Ali Beach Dubai

Jebel Ali beach is away from city center just about thirty minutes drive, beach is about forty minutes away from Dubai airport and tourist can reach there by cars or public bus service, Jebel Ali beach is a port town. It is famous for its natural beauty and that why visitors comes here to enjoy natural beauty of Dubai beach Jebel Ali. The beach is also familiar because it give free trade spot throughout the port. Jebel Ali beach is mixture of white sand and amazing blue water and It cover 15 kilometers area, this beach has classic green belts and palm gardens. Jebel Ali beach also has a chain of outstanding luxury hotels for calm stay of tourists and visitors where they can enjoy each type of dishes.
Jebel Ali Beach Dubai Jebel Ali beach offer many games for visitors including clay pigeon shooting, health clubs and special relaxing spas. Catamarans and windsurfing is an important water games in Jebel Ali beach, there are many activities on beach and has opportunities for relaxation. Jebel Ali beach is blend of nature and artificial facilities, this beach has fantastic classic resorts and hotels. Jebel Ali beach is ab ideal place for water games, here visitors can indulge in their activities. Jebel Ali beach attract visitors and tourists from all over the world, visitors enjoy their holiday vacations with their friend and families. Jebel Ali beach provide a chance to their visitors that they take an advantage from free trade zone, because it is a port town of Dubai.