Dubai hotel in water hydropolis united arab emirates

Hoteling is a fantastic and oldest business in the world, there are millions of hotels are running their businesses. Each and every country of the world has amazing and standard hotels where they serve their guests and visitors. They provide latest, luxurious facilities and traditional taste. Usually hotels present traditional and continental foods, similarly they offer outstanding facilities. According to facilities hotels are classified into stars like five stars. Hotels in the world have unique and beautiful design. Hotels are present all over the world in different environment from mountains to desert and forests, but here in Dubai an amazing example is being set. A project of underwater is going on in Arabian Gulf under along Palm Jumeirah twenty meters in water. This under water hotel name is Hydropolis Hotel Dubai, which is in construction process. This hotel will be more wide and luxurious in the world. Hydropolis hotel will provide all luxurious facilities to their guests and visitors. This hotel is not a project or designing, but it is a dream, which is coming true. This hotel has divided into many segments like suites, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars and other vital parts like lounges. A laboratory has been designed on the upper floors of arrival station for marine biology. It is estimated that there will be 3,000 visitors per day will visit this hotel.

Hydropolis hotel Dubai UAE, is the most expensive and unique in the world. It is most eye catching building of this century, it is amazing because it is the first hotel of the world, which is fully under water or submerged. The designing is outstanding and that is based on digit eight, the visitors will be carried by a soundless train that is connected with cable to main part of the hotel and it transports 1,000 people at a time. Another unique feature of this hotel is its own missile defense system. The cost for this project is $500,000,000 and this huge money will be defiantly creates a master piece for the world. The suites and other halls are designed so fantastically that a wide open view of sea can be visualized. The visitors and guests can watch sea life very closely, moreover the scene will change continuously because of fish and other living creators. Hotel provide world best dishes and facilities according to the latest world standard. Hotel is divided into three main parts, while the retractable roof will provide an open air enjoy. Dubai is most suitable place for this project because there are millions of visitors in Dubai and it will enhance tourism. Defiantly visitors and guest will visit this hotel to check the view under the water and on the surface of open sea. Hydropolis hotel will be a wounder and an amazing designing of this century. This hotel will attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

Hydropolis hotel in Dubai
will be the first underwater hotel which will be classic luxurious. The hotel has designed in three parts or segments the first one is on solid land where guests are welcomed and the second segment of hotel is the transporting channel through which the guests will be shifted from land area to main hotel. The guests will be shifted through train, hotel consist of 220 outstanding suites and it is stretched 260 hectares. It is hoped that the hotel would accommodate about 3000 to 3500 guests a day and the numbers would be increased with the passage of time.

The hotel hydropolis designed by Joachim Hauser, it planned in Persian Gulf in Dubai and is about twenty meter below the water. Hotel site where it is located is the property of the crown prince of Dubai General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The welcome segment of this hotel is its land station and it consists of high technology cinema and a restaurant for guests, the cinema displays the construction phases of this hotel and life in the ocean.

Dubai hotel in water hydropolis The hydropolis hotel will be the classic outstanding and luxurious hotel of the world after its completion. No doubt it would be the wonder under the water and everyone wants to stay and spend some nights under the water because it would be a new experience. Stay under water would be a really wonder and full of excitements. The upper part of the hotel would be equipped with business center, marine laboratory, beauty clinic and the lower portion contains parking facility, accommodations for staff and storage area.