Kite beach Dubai

Kite beach Dubai is also famous with the name of wollongong beach, it is near Jumeirah beach. It is very crowded and full of visitors and tourists and its main feature is beautiful white sand. On this beach the game of kite surfing become a popular game, it is an open beach and has no basic facilities so it is advised to visitors to bring your own foods and water with them. Kite beach location is near Burj Al Arab and from here you can a glance of this huge beautiful building. Kite beach is away from hotels and resorts, but tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of palm and ocean.

Kite beach DubaiKite beach is famous for kite surfing and here visitors can participate in windsurfing. Kite beach is a site where strong winds blows, the beach offer different water games. Kite beach is isolated and away from city therefore tourists can enjoy from sun bath where they want. Beach attracts the visitors and tourists who likes the natural beauty without any alteration by man that is why it is very crowded on holiday and other working days. Kite beach white sand is very widely stretched from ocean to land moreover the view of sunset is fascinating for nature lovers.

Dubai is famous for its beautiful natural and artificial beaches and earn more many from these beaches, due to crowd there are a lot of hotels and resorts has been opened and providing classic services to guests.