Dubai Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar beach is famous beach in Dubai, it is just twenty-five minutes away from city centre in Diera, its combination of sand and green grass and shaded parks with palm trees. Dubai has many outstanding beaches of the world and moreover these beaches has developed according to the need and demand of visitors, because of this Dubai has become one of the most tourist attraction part of the world. Here at Al mamzar beach is a venture of nature and artificial efforts, now this part is an attractive because beach area and park separated from each other. Al mamzar beach also have hotels and resorts facilities, Al mamzar beach has guarded with lifeguard. Al mamzar beach provide facility for kids to enjoy mini-amphitheater, water sports facilities are also available here for adult visitors.
Al Mamzar beachAl Mamzar beach park timing start from 8 am morning to 11 pm night, it has two classic swimming pools, kids playing area, picnic and changing facilities, refreshment items, entrance fee is nominal but it is Wednesdays reserved for women and children but Friday is very busy day because of holiday. Entrance fees for car is 30 Dhs and 5 Dhs per person while 10 Dhs fee for swimming pool.
Al Mamzar Beach is classic beach in Dubai, which has many latest facilities for visitors. Al Mamzar Beach offer open air fresh foods and fast food points, moreover modern hotels and resorts are also available for stay. Al Mamzar Beach have a wide car parking facilities which charge nominal fee for this. Al Mamzar Beach has lush green parts those enhance the beauty of this beach.