What is a Mortgage?

It is very simple, a loan for purchasing home. It is legal contract that bound you that you will pay your loan along with interest and other costs, within a spacific time that has mentioned in agreement. But you have fail to return your debt then the lender have option to sell your home and recover the debt,
Some experince Dubai lenders HSBC, Tamweel, Amlak, Standard Chartered, Union National Bank, ADCB and other major banks of Dubai, all the lenders has their own rules and regulations and they may vary from project to project. Dubai is big market for mortgage business and lot of people involve in this business, in this way they are purchasing properties and homes for them. Montage is easy way to buy a home in Dubai, moreover it is a simple process and there is a lot of experience people there who are professional in this field of mortgage.

What is a Mortgage?   Some necessary documents must for applying for a Dubai mortgage

Mortgage Application Form Filled
Passport Copy Valid
Salary Certificate Current
6 months Bank Statements
Liability Letter from Bank
Sales Deposit details & copies of Receipts.
Self Employed – Accounts
Credit Reference
Proof of Residency.