Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a part of the mall of the Emirates and it is indoor fantastic resort. The area of this indoor resort is 22,500 square feet and made up by Majid Al Futtaim Properties. Ski Dubai was opened for public in 2005 and it has many hills which are about sixty meter in height. There are many slopes and slides in different heights moreover it has many long runs. The sky Dubai has its own rules and regulations whenever a visitor takes ticket for entry, the administration will provide special equipment and snow dress. The Ski Dubai is covered with snow and it is maintained throughout the year.

Ski Dubai has various types of run and they are in different length and as well as difficulties. The runs are from plain to slopes and have different heights, the children can enjoy world first indoor snow park which covered 3000 square meters. All the equipment and winter snow dresses are carried by the administration employee. Here, you will find and enjoy the classic restaurants and cafe in the beginning of the sky Dubai. The trained staff of sky Dubai will guide you about the equipment and ways.

Ski Dubai Sky Dubai can manage fifteen hundred visitors, the temperature inside the sky Dubai is around three degrees Celsius. The equipment charges are included in ticket. The sky Dubai timings are from Sunday-Wednesday: 10 AM-11 PM and ticket is available before ninety minutes prior too close. Only those children are allowed whose age is more than three year and they will be accompanied by an adult. Helmet is necessary for all gusts and children, ticket can be canceled two days before the trip. The sky Dubai is located in the middle of Dubai famous mall the Emirates.

Ski Dubai is a fantastic attraction and provides mountain theme and it provides an environment of snow fallen area in hot Dubai. This attraction is available for all seasons and it is first interior ski center in Middle East. This park offers different games and entertainment just like skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow. The visitor or tourist enjoys chairlift ride and watching others to enjoy in the snow. This Ski Dubai has amazing Café and St Moritz Café which offers first class refreshment. Ski Dubai is a unique and amazing thing in this hot and rough area. This Ski Dubai attracts thousands of tourists each day from different parts of the Emirates and other parts of the world to enjoy snow in hot summers.

Ski Dubai prices for snow park
Sky Dubai pricing for different events are different while the entry of child under two years are prohibited because of protection. The entry pricing for adults is AED 275 and provide different facilities like snow entertainment, chairlift ride, mountain thriller, glove vouchers. However, the ski Dubai pricing is AED 275 offer snow enjoyment, chairlift journey, giant ball game and fleece glove vouchers. Similarly, polar pass provides unconstrained entrance to chairlift and mountain thriller ride. Polar pass cast AED 350 also offer discovery lesson or Peng-Friend Encounter or snow bullet. Same rate for children that offer same facilities as provided for adult. There are some rules for entry into Ski Dubai just as it demands an accompanying adult for children between eight to ten years old while children between ten to fourteenth needs a statement from lawful guardian. Ski Dubai experience offers is in AED 510 which comprises unlimited snow fun and chairlift ride. Moreover, giant ball fun, snow ball rides, Peng Friend encounter for forty minutes with two hours slope session. Lunch or dinner will be offered at St Moritz café and uncountable or multiple entry in parking. Children also get this offer by depositing AED 510.