Dubai zoo UAE

Dubai zoo consider as best and oldest zoo of United Arab Emirates, Dubai zoo also has facility to breed unique Chimpanzee and wild cats. Zoo is very exciting place for kids and as well as elders also take keen interest in it, Dubai tourists also include zoo visit in their schedule. Dubai zoo situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, Its contact number is 3496444. H. H. Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum late took keen interest in this project and established a zoo, initially Dubai zoo consist of only few animals just like monkeys, wild cats and hoofed-animals. At that time a small aquarium established for fishes and reptiles, after 1971 the charge of the zoo handed over to Dubai Municipality. Since then the Dubai zoo is constantly changing its designing and development is going on. Dubai zoo now has many native Arabian animals species, some of them are very unique species like Arabian Wolf, Gordon’s Wild cat and Socotra Cormorants. In other words Dubai zoo is conserving the Arabian animal species which are now endangered species.
Dubai zoo UAEDubai zoo also has varieties of local birds, cats, species of primates and mammals moreover important thing is that zoo designed as it look like natural environment for relevent animals. Dubai zoo is great attraction for families and tourists from all over the world, zoo open from 10am – 6pm daily while entrance fee is Dhs 2. Dubai zoo is an attraction for children and families, Dubai zoo contributing in species conservation, it is a positive effort for nature conservation. Visitors from all over  the world visit it and watch native animals and birds, reptiles of Arabian area,