Dubai weather climate

United Arab Emirates is a combination of all seven emirates and Dubai is among them in the Middle East. Dubai is most develop city, which is famous all over the world for its oil and gold business, purchaser of these two products and other items visits this city. Being duty free shops concept a number of tourists stay here and purchase different products. Dubai is also famous for its hot weather and due to desert it is so hot and humid. Most time of the year it is hot and sunny while the day length is also wide than other parts of the world. Dubai has tropical desert climate while summer in Dubai are extreme hot, dry and humid. Temperatures in Dubai climbing to 40 °C and higher and seldom dropping below 30 °C. However, winters are normal and moderate and having temperature between 23 °C and 14 °C. From few decades the weather of Dubai is relatively fine and annual precipitation is about 150 mm from few years. There is no specific time for rain fall in Dubai, while there is no chill even in the winter nights. Dubai has many places to cope with hot and humid weather just as swimming pools and classic beaches. Hotel rooms and suites are equipped with air conditioned.

Summer in Dubai
In summer Dubai is so hot and humid, June to September are extreme hottest months of the year and temperature can rise to 45 °C. In the month of August the temperature touches 35 °C, in summer there is very low even negligible rainfall reported. There is rare rainfall in between April to November and mostly rain fall observe in winter. In Dubai sunshine duration is more than other countries and it extends to 11.5 hours and due to this sea water is also heat up up to 35C in late summer. Dubai has extreme weather conditions, but it is up to date to combat these extremes conditions and its each and every shopping malls and other public places are air conditioned for their visitors and guests. Dubai beaches are very good and have latest facilities for outsider or visitors where visitors and tourists can enjoy hot weather with water sports. Dubai summer nice at beaches and it is suitable time to swim in open seashores and there are some beach hotels which supply all basic needs and facilitate in swimming and water gaming.

Weather in DubaiWinter in Dubai
Dubai winters are very romantic and moderate according to daily temperature from December to February these months are more cooler months and this an ideal time to visit Dubai. These months or time is suitable for western nations visitors because they cannot bears the hot period of this part of the world. The annual rainfall is about 150 mm while in February and March average rain fall is between 20 and 25 mm, heavy rain fall occurs occasional Dubai just as in January 2008 there was a 120 mm rainfall recorded in 24 hours. In winter months there is more humidity than the other months of the year. However, average humidity is about 60% across the year. In winter the sea temperature is about 20 °C and everybody can swim in winter season. Dubai winter is the best time to enjoy Dubai shopping and picnic spots. During winter visitors can easily visit all the places and shopping malls for purchasing their favorite items.

Spring and Autumn in Dubai
Spring and autumn have medium weather conditions in between summer and winter extremes. However, late spring and early autumn period is very hot and tough. Autumn is usually warm and dry weather conditions, early spring has hot weather as compare to late spring. Visitors who are planning to visit Dubai in summer weather they have to follow few tips for this part of the world just as protect yourself from extreme condition of Dubai in summer like heatstroke and sunburn. Cover up your body with shades like umbrella or hat use sunscreen, drink plenty of water and good sunglasses which can protect the UV radiations. Dubai shopping malls are well equipped with weather conditions and all the malls, supermarkets, cinemas and plazas are equipped with air conditioned. Wear light color and material pure cotton clothes to protect yourself from extreme weather conditions of Dubai, plan your visit within city in the morning and evening hours. Dubai nights very colorful because day heat restrict all the activities during day and in response nights are relatively cooler and comfortable. Tourist enjoy at night and they participate in all activities at night like water games, shopping, movies and parties.