Dubai Metro

Dubai is a crowded city and its population is increasing with the passage of time, so it need more fast communication ways. Dubai administration design a plan to over come travailing problem and set up metro for entire Dubai. Dubai’s Metro started in 2005 and its first red line section activated on 09-09-2009. After this operation a green line opened just two years later 09-09-2011, these two lines cross each other in two points known as Union Square and at BurJuman Centre. Dubai metro consist of 87 driverless trains, while each train contain five cars and among these one car is first class known as gold class similarly one is for women and children and other three are standard cars known as silver cars. 
Dubai metro Red line consist of about 52 Km long and it contain 29 stations, it starts from Rashidiya and ends at Jebel Ali while it stop in all main stations like Airport and malls. similarly Green line is about 23 Km long and it contain 20 stations. It starts from Etisalat and ends at Creek and it cover mostly the old Dubai now it is Deira.
Dubai metro
service charge different fine if a passenger violate rule and regulation mentioned by Government like it will charge 100 AED if create problems for other passengers, entering cabins which is not for you, feet putting on seats, eating and drinking on train and entering into prohibited areas. Metro service is available in prime time, while fare is different in different classes and destinations.