Dubai Health Authority Dubai DHA

Dubai Health Authority is an organization responsible and ensure quality health facilities for public in both public and private health center like hospitals and clinics. DHA or Dubai Health Authority struggles and gives a plan for the need and demands of the citizens of Dubai concerned with health. It gives health strategies and future plans regarding coming challenges about health issues and do more work for the betterment of health quality. DHA is responsible for transparent accountability and developing relationships between public and private sector regarding health problems in Dubai. The main aim of this DHA authority is to enhance health facilities, care patients rights, patients safety, provide best latest modern medical facilities to its citizens. Facilitate patient families, friends and visitors during their stay in hospitals or during the period of hospitalization. The Dubai Health Authority was initiated in June 2007 and its main emphasis was on health polices, strategy and future planning regarding health problems and patients related issues faced by them during hospital stay or private sector clinic stay. This authority ensures and increasing hospitals capability to deals all its patients from abroad or from local areas. It also guarantees that all the issues will be addressed under the same roof within no time so authority has a clear and sound plan for future.

Dubai Health AuthorityThe Dubai Health Authority focusing its intention on main issues like providing effective health care and develop a sound health system that fulfill the need of the citizen of this region. In this way authority will improve quality of life of its citizen and improve health standard. DHA’s mission is to develop and enhance quality health status of its habitants and visitors from all over the world. Dubai Health Authority is coping the challenge of the day to meet the international standard for health set by the modern world that is why this authority is implementing its strategy and planning about health issues. Dubai rulers are very much concerned with health status of the nation and they are aiming to develop an international standard innovative health sector that capable to meet the future challenges. Dubai Health Authority equally addressing both private and public sector to improve their health facilities and to overcome the prevailing problems. Moreover, DHA primary health centers are also included in the domain of this authority for the betterment of health concerned issues. DHA makes sure that all available facilities are up to date and staff is also equipped with modern professional training. The Dubai Health Authority pointed out all basic issues and addressed them very rapidly and develop a solid infrastructure regarding hospital, clinics and even minor health units.

Dubai Health Authority is setting an international system of health care in Dubai for the satisfaction of its citizen and visitors. This authority is also focusing on future needs of patients, valid rights of patients and ensure latest modern health facilities for all of its habitants. Dubai Health Strategy issued in October 2011 guaranteed that all of Dubai citizens will get rapid, economical and effective health facilities throughout the Dubai. The given plans is valid for next two years that ensure that all the inhabitant of Dubai will get maximum benefits from this and they can access the latest available health services from their hometown. The Dubai Health Authority plans to upgrade hospital to classic hotels as well as facilities. This up gradation of hospitals are based on provided outclass facilities and health care professionals. This also ensures that not only increase the infrastructure of buildings, but also brings improvements in doctors and professionals qualification and expertise. Moreover, there will be facilitator for language translations and nutrition experts, in this way patients will get maximum benefits from the policies and plans of Dubai Health Authority. The authority is trying it’s best to uplift the health facilities of the Dubai according to the need and demand of the time and try to coupe all the challenges of the future.